East Side Mandala Project: The New Centre

After years of hard work on the part of the people involved in the East Side Mandala Project, with the support of friends in Poland and abroad, as well as the blessing of our great teachers, it is our pleasure to announce that our efforts have come to full fruition, and at the end of May we have purchased a property in Lublin which will soon become the center of our diamond way activities in the East.

This is a huge step forward which brings us immense joy. The new property will be a great asset to the town and those of its inhabitants who want to get to know the richness of Buddhist teachings as well as experience timeless benefits dharma practice has to offer.

The purchase of the property is the culmination of the East Side Mandala Project, which was a long-lasting joint effort of friends from Lublin and the eastern fringe of Poland. Our persistent cooperation brought about a remarkable result in the shape of a place (with a whole 108 m 2 for our use) in a building located in the very heart of Lublin.

Day by day, a place that will soon become a powerful Buddhist Meditation Center in Lublin emerges from space at Narutowicza Street 30.

You can already feel that its atmosphere is beneficial for the development of the mind with Buddhist methods. Our new place needs general renovation: replacement of all installations, floors, windows, doors, kitchen and bathrooms.

All redundant partition walls have already been demolished and two rooms appeared, one of which will become a spacious and bright gompa.

Narutowicza 30 - gompa

The second room is a living area with a kitchen, so that apart from meditation, you can enjoy a good coffee and inspiring conversations, as well as film screenings.

Narutowicza 30 - living

We have launched the possibility of supporting this project through on-line payment. By clicking below you can contribute to the development of Buddhism in Eastern Poland.

Thank you all for your support and great generosity thanks to which everything becomes possible. Those who want to contribute to the further developement of this project can tansfer funds to the following account:

Buddyjski Związek Diamentowej Drogi linii Karma Kagyu
Account Number: 67 1160 2202 0000 0000 3566 3879
IBAN: PL67 1160 2202 0000 0000 3566 3879
Title of contribution: Darowizna na cele kultu religijnego, East Side Mandala
Contribution is tax deductible.

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